Dec 23, 2011
I got the stratosphere about a week ago and there are a couple of issues I keep having with it. It randomly powers off without me telling it to. At first I thought I was doing it accidentally until I actually powered it off and realized you have to confirm on the screen. Is anyone else having this problem? Also it started to spaz out and the front buttons would flash on and off randomly until I did restart it.

Insight, thoughts?
I've had this happen twice in the past two weeks, and I'm always in a call via bluetooth when it happens. Does it happen to you under the same circumstances?
No I realized it happens when I slide the keyboard in too hard (my "dumb phone" had a slide out keyboard so I am used to that) and it just powers off. I'm not sure how they are related. It's kind of bizarre. Now that I'm aware of what triggers it, I have just been more careful when closing the phone and it doesn't happen as often.
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Is the battery secured in place and everything?
I would assume if it is from being shut too hard there is a loose power connection somewhere that breaks the circuit when jostled too hard, whether it be in the battery area or on the ribbon/solder that connects the board and power.
If its the battery you should just try taking the battery out and putting it back in, if its the ribbon/internal connection, the place where you got it should swap the phone for a new one or do some kind of factory warranty order for you.
It may not be either but i would figure one of those 2 are the culprits.