Feb 7, 2011
I got my htc desire hd on saturday but have had to wait until today to actually get my hands on it but I'm now confused with a few things.

1) Theres lots of pre installed apps which I don't want is there away of deleting these? As I keep forcing them to stop on running apps but then they start up again.

2) Do the pre installed apps eat my data allowance?

3) Am I using data when mobile provider is off and wifi is on?

Any help is much appreciated
1) you cant remove these without rooting your device, but rumour goes, removing these apps and then applying an update can cause things to go really badly

2) As long as you set them all not to sync/update, then it shouldn't use any data

3) When WiFi is on, mobile data turns off. You can see this when you turn off the WiFi there is a few seconds before the mobile data turns back on