Help Pre-loaded kobo app


I've not been able to import or side-load any epub files to the Kobo app. All the research I've done suggests that it may not be possible at this point with the current Honeycomb OS. The pre-loaded Lumiread app does work well though, in importing and recognizing epub files, from Archive(dot)org for example. But no luck in reading purchased Kobo titles through Lumiread. Any thoughts or work-arounds??


Couldn't be simpler. I just copied an pub file wirelessly from my desktop PC (Windows XP) to two locations on my A100 - my external SD card (/mnt/external_SD), and /sdcard/Kobo/epubs.

Then in Kobo I selected Import Content, and it found both copies of the pub, and added one to the library.

What problem do you have?