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Precautions/Preparations changing OG-D1 to Bionic??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cybercruiser, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Ok, this may be slightly off topic, but I'm going in Thursday to get the Bionic, I bought the OG-D1 back the very first day Droid was available.

    What do I need to do before and/or after actually getting the Bionic??

    Do I just move the SD card from my D1 to the Bionic?? Does the store have a copy utility to copy stuff over??

    I have appmonster to backup my apps to the SD card, so do I just move the SD card to Bionic, download appmonster, then do a restore?? Or, will google just synch it all up for me anyways??

    Thanks yall....

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  2. cereal killer

    cereal killer Android Expert

    You can save the contents of your sd card to your computer then transfer what you want over to the Bionic or you can simply move the SD card over.

    In regards to getting all your apps back. Once you sign into google on the Bionic all your apps will resync. You need to do nothing. Good luck enjoy your new phone!
  3. dguy

    dguy Android Expert

    <- Has switched phones and performed factory resets and recoveries more times than is worth keeping track of.

    The app sync does not work reliably enough to be able to completely rely on it to get all of your apps installed.

    I suggest you make a notepad list of all of your apps. When you get your Droid Bionic, download an app or two from the market on the phone(This is so the Android Market website will know you now have a Droid Bionic). Then go to market.android.com on your PC and download and install the rest of the apps on your list to your Bionic. This is much faster than doing it manually on the phone.
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  4. dragma

    dragma Well-Known Member

    From personal experience, my SD card on my droid corrupted. When I went back to get my apps back all I saw available were the apps I had paid for. non of the free ones were waiting for me, so I had to search for them.

    A back up on your PC is the way to go. I will be doing that Weds night.
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  5. rossman26

    rossman26 Member

    I agree.. making a backup on the computer is the easiest way to ensure you get them all. Either way, you'll have your old phone and you can always just check to make sure the phones match and they all transferred over.
  6. Wheresatom

    Wheresatom Newbie

    The times I have changed the ROM on my droid I always took it as an opportunity to clean out unused apps. If you can't remember what apps you had do you need them that bad? I may be a different case though. I really dont use many apps so it was pretty quick to download them from memory. Every once in a while a month would go by and I would wonder where "X" app went and remember that I had wiped my phone. It was always pretty quick to get the app back at that point.

    Im not saying don't back them up, but maybe this would be a great time to think about any apps you might not really want to put back on your phone.
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  7. Westane

    Westane Lurker

    If you play MMO's, specifically World of Warcraft or Rift, remember to remove the authenticator off your OG before clearing it. WoW's authenticator has a restore code feature.
  8. x026092

    x026092 Android Enthusiast

    what about the text & MMS MSG's?
  9. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    There are apps for that ... I'm just not sure if there are any that DON'T require root. The one I use (Titanium Backup Pro) does require root. ALL of my data (system apps, user apps, and all associated data) is backed-up using Titanium Backup Pro. I'll just need to root the Bionic for it to work. LOVE that app! :cool:

    There are apps that will save your entire app list to a text file though. They may be enough for some.
  10. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian


    Titanium Backup does require root. benefit is that it will restore both apps and settings, though, on the BIONIC, you'll need to root it first for some settings to be restored. Additional benefit: you can freeze any bloat ware apps on the phone.


    AppBrain - will sync your apps list to the 'cloud' - at Appbrain.com using your current (or any) Google account. Will not sync settings, though. Also, in order to reinstall the apps as a batch process, you'll need Fast Web Installer

    Listables - will make a nice neat little list of all your apps that you can share with yourself and / or your friends. Makes the list in a couple of methods, so you could even make a forum post, with the apps list, and it will include links to get the apps back.


    SMS Backup & Restore - makes a backup of SMS messages to an .XML file on your SDCard. Easily restorable. Also allows you to delete them from phone memory after backup.

    Call Log

    Call Log backup & Restore - same as SMS backup above, and is from the same author, to boot.


    APN Backup & Restore - backups up APN settings (IOW, Settings to connect to the internet with the mobile connection). Same as SMS and Call Log B&R, by the same author again.

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