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Premium data, what do you get for it?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RiverOfIce, May 26, 2010.

  1. RiverOfIce

    Thread Starter

    Please if you want to complain about the $10 dollar fee, please do it else where.

    So I think we should start a list of things you can do with HTC EVO that you can not do with other any other <edit>single</edit> phone. As in no other one phone can do all of the below.

    This has been done with in a lot of individual threads, I would love to pull them together.

    So the list at least what I see so far.

    1.) Wimax
    2.) Flash support lite, with 10.1 coming with froyo
    3.) Tethering according to this post. http://androidforums.com/htc-evo-4g/85263-anyone-evo-try-tethering-vita-pdanet.html#post808040
    4.) 4.3 inch screen
    5.) Removal of all caps or limitations on both 3g and 4g.
    6.) No restrictions on 3rd party apps.
    7.) Phone to Phone video chats.
    8.) Full uncompressed/unrestricted internet.
    9.) Voice and data at the same time with wimax.
    10.) HD youtube streaming.
    11.) GPS included.
    12.) Sprint TV.

    Possible use of hulu(hdmi), youtube(hdmi), and pandora hd with froyo

    Please, if I missed anything post it. But if you want to complain about the cost there are other posts for that. I am just trying to get a list of premium data features.

    For those that have the phone, care to point out what you think is going to get suck up data?

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  2. jkid23

    jkid23 Newbie

    Unlimited Pandora/HD radio
  3. Rigmaster

    Rigmaster Android Expert

    All of this for about $1200-1500 per year less than me and my wife can on ATT on any comparable phone/plan combination yet still knowing it's not going to be 4G until at least '12.:D
  4. esone1ll

    esone1ll Android Enthusiast

    The Flash Lite / Full Flash is not unique to the EVO. It will be supported on all FroYo devices.
  5. RiverOfIce

    Thread Starter

    One way or the other it will have tethering. But will edit it.

    Yes see what you are saying. How about no features in ONE phone, then in any other phone.
  6. esone1ll

    esone1ll Android Enthusiast

    You mean all these features combined in a single handset, as opposed to spread across many different devices? Then, Yes, I agree.
  7. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy Well-Known Member

    unlimited twittering
  8. esone1ll

    esone1ll Android Enthusiast

    That's on every single phone with SMS.
  9. Android 17

    Android 17 Android Enthusiast

    Unlimited Pandora? Most any device can do now, unless you mean because of the lack of a 5G cap, but if you were streaming anywhere close to 5G worth of Pandora.....you must listen to music 24/7.

    Can the quality of Pandora be altered though? I know the default setting is 128kbps, but on a computer at least, you can set it to 192kbps. Since the EVO can handle network speed equal to a typical Wi-Fi connection, it would be awfully nice if we could have higher-quality streaming music on it as well.
  10. GoldenStatePanda

    GoldenStatePanda Well-Known Member

    can someone provide a link or concrete proof the 5g cap is lifted?
  11. dzar

    dzar Well-Known Member

    My beef, if you can call it that, with this thread is that the $10 fee is not for any of the things stated at the starth... The fee is a "Premium Data Add-on" (Sprint's words) but there has never been a definition of what premium data are. Just about everything listed is possible, today, on my Palm Treo 800w (to some extent... lets not talk about raw performance, here).


    1.) Wimax
    - one must buy a phone compatible... the EVO is... that's why someone might buy this phone. That capability should be in the phone and/or the service plan but Sprint C-level execs have publicly stated there is no additional charge for 4G (so the $10 fee is not for this).

    2.) Flash support lite, with 10.1 coming with froyo

    - um, OK, but flash is a free app. I'm not paying for Flash... I can get all the flash data I want on my phone, now, and then move it to my PC for viewing (not sure why I'd want to, but I can).

    3.) Tethering according to this post. Anyone with an EVO try tethering vita PDANet?

    I can tether, today.

    4.) 4.3 inch screen with youtube support.

    OK... I have a small screen, but I'm buying a new phone for that (the screen is not an ongoing expense to anyone). Youtube is free and I can get that, now...

    5.) Removal of all caps or limitations on both 3g and 4g.

    I have no 3g caps and I can't use 4g in my area, anyway.

    6.) No restrictions on 3rd party apps.
    I have none, now.

    7.) Phone to Phone video chats.
    OK, got me there... I bet there is a winmo application to do it, though (could be slow, but that's partly a 3G issue as well which won't be fixed with my fee since I'm on 3G - and the fee is not for 4G as previously stated).

    8.) Full uncompressed/unrestricted internet.
    Huh? What's that? I don't compress my Internet, now. There are no restrictions - I can download all the porn, lies and reviews of cell phones I want.

    9.) Voice and data at the same time with wimax.

    Again, wimax... remember, we're not being charged for that.

    10.) HD pandora streaming.

    Again, this is an application. With my unlimited data plan, now, I could download all the HD content I want (although I might not be able to view it on my device... but we're talking about "Premium Data," remember? It's all about the data, and I can get it, now.

    11.) GPS included.
    Already have that...

    12.) Sprint TV.
    Already have that...

    So what am I paying $10/mo for that I don't already have? I'm not complaining about the fee as a charge. I'm still trying to understand what it's for (besides additional revenue for Sprint). Sprint has every right to charge whatever they want and let the market decide what to buy, but when I see commercials about the easy, simple "everything" pricing Sprint offers and then they start tacking on additional fees, that starts to make me wonder where this will stop (and it won't if we let them do it without making them justify it to us).

    So can anyone find a definition of "Premium Data Add-on" from Sprint? And I'd also like to suggest that, since it's mandatory, it should not be called an "Add-on" as there is no way to remove it. It's a fee to compensate for what Sprint believes to be too low of an everything plan. I guess that's not as catchy a phrase, though...
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  12. jam4775

    jam4775 Lurker

    Most of those feature you can also do on any other android phones with out the extra fee... enough said!!
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  13. skinnyguy

    skinnyguy Well-Known Member

    5g? damn, you're an extra lucky one!
  14. RiverOfIce

    Thread Starter

    Phones, not phone. If you wanted everything listed you would have to buy as many as 3 phones.

    The evo is not for you, move on. Do you understand that. DO NOT BUY THE PHONE. For the love of god, if you get all that already and you do not live in a 4g area, DO NOT GET THE PHONE.

    I do not know how to tell you this, but this may not be the phone for you. Do not get the phone. You have to pay to play. If you do not want to pay, then do not get the phone. Please don't waste anymore time, when you are clearly not the targeted market for this phone. If your current phone does everything for you, do not get the evo. Just pass it up.

    I just do not understand how hard that is to understand. I tried to make a thread that list what premium about the data and ask people not to complain, there are dozens of threads about that. But, no. You have to walk in and start to complain about the 10 dollars again, after asking you not to.

    Please, do not get the phone. Do not even look at the phone. It is not the phone for you. It is a horrible choice for you. If you get the phone you will hate it.

    Please do not get the phone.
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  15. jellyjamz

    jellyjamz Newbie

    I don't think dzar is complaining, I think he just wants to know what exactly "Premium Data Add-on" is and I'm going to assume that he isn't the only one that wants to know (I'm just judging from the high number of complaints that have been brought up about the issue). He clearly states that he isn't complaining about the charge, but just wants to know the definition of "Premium Data". Dzar: "I'm not complaining about the fee as a charge. I'm still trying to understand what it's for (besides additional revenue for Sprint)."

    He just showed how the aspects of the Evo you listed are not considered "Premium Data" because you can obtain most of those features through another phone if you don't live in a 4G area, specifically through another Sprint phone with the "Everything Data Plan". So maybe instead of telling him not to get the phone, you should give him a better definition of what "Premium Data" is, especially for those that live in a 3G area and do not have access to 4g, because he proved that your current list is not sufficient enough to conclude that the phone does indeed provide "Premium Data".
  16. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Yeah I agree with above. People are simply pointing out that most of your list with the exception of WiMax can used on other phones too. Dzar stated he is not complaining about the $10 fee, he understands that it is what it is.
  17. eric3316

    eric3316 Android Enthusiast

    I though dzar's post was a great reply to what you had posted. You listed everything you are getting for the extra $10 fee. He listed almost all of that is already available on every other device without the extra charge.

    Take away the fact of 4G, which like he said we are not paying extra for, and your not really getting anything extra for the $10 that is not available on other phones.

    So he kind of made your post irrelevant if you ask me. So what exactly do you get that you do not get with other devices for the $10? Not much!

    Sprint should have just said all new 4G phones that will be coming out will need a new Sprint plan starting at $79.99. Period! Like mentioned before, the $10 add on i not an add on if you do not have a choice not to take it.

    And the funniest thing is when Sprint tells you the phone will not work unless they add the $10 fee. I am sure it will work just the same without it. It is not like they have a special button they add to your plan that magically makes your Evo work. They just won't hook it up without it, but it sure will work if they forgot to add the $10 charge when they activate it.

    Sprint, we are not stupid so don't feed us stupid lines! Just say you are raising you prices and be done with it. Don't say a new feature isn't costing more but actually less and then raise prices because of the new feature. That has to be one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen. And the best part is these posts that say it's not a 4G charge but for premium data. We already have premium data on all other devices with a everything data plan for 69.99!
  18. RiverOfIce

    Thread Starter

    Which is why I ask everyone not to do. I said if you want to complain that the 10 dollar fee is not for you, do it else where. Instead of complaining about it you could help compile a list of what it gives you.

    You see the difference. If you disagreed with it, ok, do it else where. If you wanted to add to what you can do with the HTC evo that you can not do with a single other phone then post.

    I was hoping a constructive thread about that the 10 dollar fee IS. Not it is worth it to you.

    Bottom line, I was hoping we could come together and list what the 10 dollar fee covers. Not ways it is pointless for you. You do not have to buy the phone. If you disagree with the 10 dollar fee, fine, there is dozens of places to do that.

    He does not offer any vaild points, because no SINGLE phone does all the above for you. Which is why I ask everyone not to post why it does not work for you or complain about the fee, but to post what you can do with the fee.
  19. neodorian

    neodorian Android Expert

    Honestly, uncapping data and allowing you access to every city-wide Wimax network is worth it to me. In my opinion they failed in describing this charge from a marketing standpoint. Maybe they will do better when the ads roll out but I think they shouldn't have positioned it as a "premium data" fee regardless of whether or not you have Wimax. Despite the extensive list of Evo exclusives, people are still going to look at it as a "4G tax" where they may not even have Wimax in their city.

    They should have marketed it as a feature of the Evo 4G which allows them to access any city-wide Wimax hotspot where available. By thinking of it more as a big hotspot, people realize that they will not always be around one but will want to connect when they are. It's like adding a wifi radio to a laptop even though you may not use wifi at home. You still gain the freedom to connect to a hotspot when you are at a cafe or the office or whatever.
  20. Stickboy46

    Stickboy46 Member

    While i dont have a link i can tell you it is in the launch material that is provided to retailers by Sprint. There is no cap in 3g or 4g for the phone OR for tethering
  21. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    I hear what you are saying but you pointed out things that other phones have and he said "Hey other phones have this" . Not to mention you made some things up.. what is "Full uncompressed/unrestricted internet" and " HD pandora streaming"? The ten dollar fee has nothing to do with it.
  22. misterzeno

    misterzeno Well-Known Member

    HAHAHAHAH all threads here no matter the topic seem to get derailed... BUT BUT BUT TEH TEN BUX
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  23. RiverOfIce

    Thread Starter

    Compared to blackberry, it is completely true. ALL blackberries compress internet sites. Sorry that is a fact.

    As for pandora, I am guessing with the faster internet speeds you can bump up the connection speed. But you do have a good point. So I will edit.
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  24. MyFishWagon

    MyFishWagon Android Enthusiast

    Actually, you get unlimited, uncapped data. Thats what the $10 fee is for.

    Be grateful that you are not on Verizon. They are already thinking of charging for LIMITED DATA on 4G. Here is the article posted about half hour ago...

    So Long, Unlimited Data: Verizon Wants Tiered 4G Plans [Verizon]

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  25. eric3316

    eric3316 Android Enthusiast

    No one complained about the fee. But your thread title doesn't make sense with your first post. Your title is asking what you get with the Premium data package. 4G, Voice and Data, and Video calls. That is pretty much it. That is the answer to your question.

    But from your first post, you pretty much just list the features of the EVO and they are not just features specific to this device but features that are offered on other devices as well...

    So which is it? Do you just want to know what features the EVO offers or what you get with the $10 add on? Either way, each question had been answered a numerous amount of times!

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