Root Preparations before I root (backing things up, etc)



About my phone: Droid X, gingerbread 2.3.3, version 4.5.602.MB810.Verizon.en.US

I've finally decided to take the plunge and root my DX, install custom ROM, the whole shebang. Please bear with me as this as I'm new to the process, but I'm fairly tech savvy once I gain the necessary information.

I did peruse through the 4 stickied threads, which I will undoubtedly re-read in detail once I get going, but i need to know some best practices BEFORE I root. In a nut shell, I want to back up as many things as I can before, and make the process of getting everything back after I install a new rom as painless as possible.

This thread seems like a great start:

In particular, it advises this:
MyBackup Pro: Allows you to backup apps and data (SMS, MMS, call log, system settings, android home, dictionary, etc) to your sdcard or their online server.

1st question: This sounds great, but this is a paid app. If I understand correctly, just rooting phone doesn't wipe any data, and after I root, I can use the free Titanium Backup app instead, right? Then I can backup everything before install a custom rom (which does wipe everything), right?

2nd question: About Contacts. I recall when I first received the DX in the mail, when I booted the phone, it went through process of automatically retrieving all my contacts that are backed up in Verizon's server (I use Verizon's free Backup Assistant, which automatically backs up my Contacts every night)

So my question is, after I install a new ROM , will it automatically grab my contacts off the Verizon server? Or will I need to do something else to save my contacts? I'm little confused on the concept of my contacts being linked to my gmail account.

3nd question: After I restore my paid apps on the new rom, they will still update to any new versions correctly and I'm still recognized as having legitimately paid for the ap, right? I'm a little fuzzy in general about what happens to paid afters any kind of system reset. If the worse happens (ie backup fails) and I have to download the app again, how will it remember that I've already bought it before?

Appreciate any answers I can get, and any other tips I should be aware before I do this.


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I just did this twice this weekend so it's fresh in my mind. :D

I formatted data to resolve a weekly issue where 602 would sometimes fail to boot or spontaneously reboot with a resulting bootloop and the only resolution was to restore a backup. (I usually reboot before throwing it on the charger at bedtime.) Once I had that set up and the way I wanted it, I installed CM7, which required formatting data again.

Here's what I do:

1. Create a backup in recovery. (Something I do every couple of weeks any way.)

2. Create a backup with Titanium. I have the pro version, which allows more than one backup and allows no intervention when restoring all those apps (80 in my case). Otherwise you'll have to press a button 2 or 3 times for every app you install, (3 if it's already installed).

Press menu button and choose "batch", then "backup all users apps + system data". (You usually don't want to restore the system data if you have a custom rom tho.)

3. Install your rom. If you install a custom rom that requires formatting data:

  • Activate the rom. When you open Market, it may start downloading all your paid apps. You can let that finish if you like, but if I have the option, I'll just install the free version of TIBU, then the TIBU license (if you paid for it). You need the license installed BEFORE restoring apps if you don't want to babysit the restoring of all your apps.
  • Open TIBU, press menu button and select "batch", then "restore all apps with data". Go thru the list and uncheck anything you no longer want. I unchecked "accounts" and anything else in green or red the first time thru. You can always create a backup and try the unsafe things. FWIW, restoring "accounts" got me my email accounts back after a factory reset with stock 602, but not with CM7.
  • Set up your phone, make another backup in recovery in case you hose it. :D
  • Open Market and check for updates.

If you install a compatible rom (CM7 to CM7, stock to stock, etc), you should be able to restore certain system settings, but make a backup first.

If you currently have your DX set to backup and restore, (settings... privacy) your contacts and settings should download from Google's servers. My contacts and wifi settings were restored. I didn't use the Backup Assistant. Should you move to a non-android phone, you'll want to do that tho or you won't have a current list on your next phone.