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Preparing for Android

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GAMESHARQ, Sep 18, 2011.


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    Just so I am prepared, how exactly will it work once it's ready to use? When I turn on my ipad, will it give me the option to choose between WebOS and Android OS?

  2. colchiro

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    Yes, it's dual boot so you'll get a boot menu, possibly a touch screen boot menu (tap top icon for webOS, tap the bottom one for CM). The Nook Color (it's closest cousin on which a lot of code was adapted) has a text menu that is changed by using the volume up/dn buttons, then press the home button. Like the Touchpad, the Nook only has a power button, volume up/dn and a home button.

    Dual boot is one reason why I wanted the 32 gb TP for myself. :D

    The way the current now-defunct TouchDroid version is installed, the data partition (biggest one) is resized smaller to make room for the 4 or 5 android partitions. The installation is awkward using adb scripts, which many people won't have installed.

    Did you update your TP via your computer? If so, there's probably nothing you'd need to do in advance. Sounds like that might be the way it's installed the first time. After that it might be possible to update to a nightly build or stable version via Rom Manager like the Nook Color.
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    We got a little off-topic, but the question was regarding being ready when the CM team comes thru. I expect that could be as early as this weekend or next week, depending on how things go. The team has already considered dropping an early "alpha" (usable but not bug free) build. I expect they want to have a few more things tied up first. Bear in mind, this is dual boot so you can still use webOS if CM7 isn't working to your satisfaction.

    If you want a bug free, stable build, that could be a month or two from now, but updating once (or more) a week is half the fun and pretty easy using Rom Manager, once get past that first install.

    Based on the latest video, which we've all seen, it appears that you need to do a first install based on Novacom. If you've already installed Preware on your TP, you should be all set. Preware is used to install beta apps, patches and overclocking kernels... the tweaks and fixes that many of us like. If you haven't connected your computer to your TP and installed Preware, you probably aren't ready for CM love. :D

    So, what do I need to do?

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