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Aug 3, 2012
Lex Vegas
My wife and I both have the S3. I'm rooted, she's stock. We are moving to the Note 4 tomorrow. What should each of us do to prepare for the move? Meaning, I know to back up photos/videos, but not sure what else I can do with my wife's stock phone.

What about my rooted phone - what can I backup to move over, etc? Any tips appreciated.
Check out the Samsung app Smart Switch in the Play Store. I used it, it does a great job of moving data from one device to another - in my case from an S4 to the N4.
Text messages, phone logs - all kinds of stuff that is normally lost from one device to another are moved.
With this and what you've already stated you'll be backing up, I think you'll be covered.
Not sure that will work. We're trading in the S3's at the store for the Notes. If I read that correctly, both will need to have the app installed and it transfers the data between.

If all I need to worry about backing up are: vids, pics, music, texts, then I may just use sms backup + for texts. Everything else I can move to the pc.
I would like to believe that they'd let you have both phones in your hands long enough to transfer data. Surely they won't say "give me your old phone RIGHT NOW!" :)

Install the software on your old phone and have it ready to go, then all you have to do is install it on the new phone and do the transfer.