Help Preproduction Droid X features..


I have seen pictures of the Droid X with a small circle on the back to the right of the speaker. Does anyone know what that feature was in the preproduction version of DX?


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I am wondering the same thing.. whatever it was, i wish all the case manufacturers would have got the memo that it was being removed.


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I'm not sure what it was, but you are correct that only the preproduction models had that little circle. If you have a case that intentionally accommodates that circle, I wouldn't be to dismayed. There is nothing in that particular location that needs protecting, so that isn't a concern. In fact, the more open back should allow for more sound to make it to the back mic and also more sound to escape from the speaker. Additionally it could help with heat dispersion as opposed to a case with a more closed back.

Yay optimism!


i'm pretty sure that the circle on the back was for the location of the magnet that determines when the X is docked. i saw a bunch of cases with huge rectangleson the back for the mic, speaker and that dot, and they look bizarre.