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Prevail Unrootable with any root method

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by inoshikenshi, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. inoshikenshi

    inoshikenshi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So the other night I had a security update and was tired(didn't think too well through) and decided to let it update on my rooted prevail. Then I got stuck on Boost Mobile Screen and wouldn't go past it so I flashed ODIN and reset it to stock factory settings, and now I am attempting to root it again but it will not root with any method(followed the videos down to the last detail). I tried shabbymod, prevailtoexistence, and such. What it does is, with prevailtoexistence it turns off and starts bootlooping and says "Mount: operation not permitted" then everything it tries to put into phone fails. I've taken my SD card out(unmounted properly) and put it in debug mode as it asked me.


    shabbymod 0.9:


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  2. jmax81

    jmax81 Well-Known Member

    Go to the odin thred and read read read, then research, I thought my phone was unrootable to, these people will definitely help you out, sorry I cant help more im pretty new to the rooting process
  3. DaisFlaque

    DaisFlaque Android Expert

    Odin WILL root your phone, Thanks to Hoark 13 let me see.. here.. where is it... here it is!!! link is for EJ06 baseband ( which is WAAAY better than the new FA19 ( UPDATE that probably Soft-Bricked your phone ). ) Its a direct Download link just click, plus I just tried the link it works.

    So if you just Odin'd the thing you have to know how... But here it is anyway... Download the zip/ extract to 1 folder/ put phone in downloading mode ( Vol. Down + Camera + power ) after that plug in phone using usb/ open Odin folder and run Odin/ select the file's ONLY in that folder ie. .OPS .TAR etc./ put boot in boot and phone in phone and so forth.
    run the START button and wait.

    If the dialog box ( COM PORT ) doesn't show when you plug in phone AFTER Download Mode.... you need your drivers.
    If the same dialog box does not start loading in about 1 min. start from beginning and sheit!!! Have a nice day.

  4. inoshikenshi

    inoshikenshi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    My phone is successfully rooted thanks to ODIN and Titanium Backup restored everything to as it was before the update. Thank you very much both of you!:D
  5. Caeadas

    Caeadas Well-Known Member

    Shabbymod 0.9, while great at the time, is pretty old now. And AdmireToPrevail has been superseded by newer roms that are based off it. Your best bet is CTmod, HalfAssRom, or Cyanogenmod 7.
  6. Xruptor

    Xruptor Android Enthusiast

    What Caedas said! Shabbymod is super old now. It was a great rom but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Shabby has since moved on to other projects :) Though shabby will always be a prevail user to me :p

    In any case rooting is super easy nowadays. The easiest way is to just flash using ODIN to a image that's already rooted. There is one for EJ06 and one for FA19. Once you do that I recommend that you update using CWM to CTMOD, HalfAssRom, CM7, etc...


    You can find a list of roms and help here at the newly updated guide.
  7. TrashMaster79

    TrashMaster79 Lurker

    I am starting to think that this phone is unrootable , I have looked and looked and looked. I have tried about 3 different downloads and followed instructions perfectly. I am starting to lose hope. If anyone can help please let me know. Samsung Galaxy Prevail
  8. kevincott

    kevincott Android Expert

    Use an ODIN image, very easy and no stress. These are images of phones that have the work done already.


    Once you understand the process you will laugh at how easy it is.
  9. thomasmbl

    thomasmbl Android Enthusiast

    Use Odin to flash
  10. kolosus

    kolosus Android Expert

    Have you ever used Teamviewer? You use your computer and someone can look into what you're doing... or if you want they can control your desktop (with your say so) and you can watch what you're doing.

    This device has stayed unrooted for too long. Let me know if you're interested. I certainly am!
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  11. NightThorn

    NightThorn Member

    When I first came in this forum, I read that thread. Easiest thing you can do to root your phone. Just read the thread if your not sure. Thanks kevin and Xruptor for linking it in here
  12. liltwentytwo

    liltwentytwo Newbie

    i tried it doesn't work for me get back at me :thinking:
  13. werewolves69

    werewolves69 Newbie

    Use Odin it worked for me, and make sure you install the samsung drivers to your computer. Mine is rooted I thought the same thing. Odin plus FA19 rooted is what I used MAKE SURE samsung drivers are installed on computer it is a must ...
  14. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Android Expert

    The link you posted is not working Dais...
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  15. inigomontoyasr

    inigomontoyasr Android Enthusiast

    works fine. direct download.
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  16. Caeadas

    Caeadas Well-Known Member

    Somebody else was complaining about that link in another thread, but I just tried it and its fine, maybe some hiccups on the download site.
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  17. liltwentytwo

    liltwentytwo Newbie

    ohhh and thankz guys!!!!
    my phone rooted is good 2 update the phone after.....
  18. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Android Expert

    TECHNICALLY Odin doesn't root your phone.
    One of us devs get the update, and we figure out how to root it. Then we make an Odin image of that and put it out there. All Odin does is indiscriminately flash image files to specific locations on the phone.

    Also, technically, the thread title is completely false. Though the "one click" and script kiddie methods of rooting the phone don't work, there is no problem rooting the phone manually, which counts as a method
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  19. liltwentytwo

    liltwentytwo Newbie

    wow is derr anyway i can get my fone connected to the ps3 i tried to use barnacle app or any way to share frm a laptop in any way
  20. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓

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  21. liltwentytwo

    liltwentytwo Newbie

    i download it... still not working i did as the thing asked

  22. hackall360

    hackall360 Lurker

    hello, i have found a problem to most devices that wont root, i have had the same problem for about a year or so... i finally went and called about 5 different people accocated with my phone, and found out that you need to call your service provider (eg. straight talk, t mobile, ext) and get to technical support, the reason for this is beause i found out my phone is defective... they said they would send me and free phone and to send back my current one, so i have one on the way, they said they garentee it will be rootable... try this and use whatever root method you like, the number for straight talk is 18774302355
  23. hackall360

    hackall360 Lurker

    Hey, i just commented on this, try my method, it takes about a week or so, but if you want it as bad as i do, then try it, my post should be above this

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