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Prevail vs Proclaim

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by DarkJedi, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. DarkJedi

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    I've been using my Prevail for well over a year... just about to drop to the $35/month level.

    I've played with it a lot. I've tried some of the ROMs (CTMod, CM7, HalfAssROM) and really don't have too many complaints.

    However, now I am having to venture out into the countryside more often... where Sprint towers don't reach. So I'm having to look at the best alternative... Straight Talk's Samsung Galaxy Proclaim.

    For others having to find a cheap unlimited talk/text/data alternative to Sprint signals (Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and all CDMA Straight Talk/NET10 android phones EXCEPT the Proclaim)... here's the comparisons as I have found so far between the Prevail and Proclaim (yes, I have switched):

    Feature: Prevail / Proclaim
    CPU: 800MHz / 1GHz
    RAM: 256MB / 512MB
    Internal Storage: 384MB / 1GB
    Camera Resolution: 2 Megapixel / 3 Megapixel
    Proximity sensor: No / Yes
    Light sensor: No / Yes
    Screen size (diagonally): 3.2" / 3.5"
    WiFi Freq: 2.4GHz only / 2.4GHz & 5GHz
    Towers: Sprint / Verizon
    Cost: $35-$55 a month / $41.25-$45 a month

    Note about cost:
    - Boost's discount is based on staying on their Shrinkage Plan. Every 6 months your plan costs $5/mo less. It starts at $50 and eventually goes down to $35 a month. Beginning November 2011, Boost made NEW and UPGRADING subscribers pay an extra "Android Phone Fee" of $5. If you already had your Prevail before then, you don't incur this extra fee until you upgrade to a different phone. - I'm unsure if replacing your Prevail with another Prevail (perhaps you damaged/lost your phone) would incur the fee.
    - Straight Talk's discount is based on buying larger subscriptions. Monthly is $45. A year is $495 (making it $41.25 a month).

    Not trying to convert anyone. This is just informational.

    Please give me a "Thanks" (button in lower right of this message) if it was of use to you.

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