preventing all new software installation


Looking to prevent installation of apps of all kinds, or at least prevention of accessing recently downloaded apps.
I have the play store locked with a PIN, but accessing allows for app installation just as easily. Looking for a method to set a PIN by default on all apps downloaded, or prevent any new software installation without a PIN, regardless of application used to access the installation prompts.
Thanks very much.


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Installation from the Play Store requires your Google login credentials. If you haven't given them to someone else then nobody can install apps that way. I guess I'd need to know more about the circumstances here.


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I'm guessing you give your phone to others unsupervised?

Do you have a pin?

What version android? (Marshmallow has provision for multiple users which might help although I'm not that familiar with it)


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Disable the GlueGull play$tore app.

If you need to use it:

1) Enable Airplane Mode (which disables data and wifi)
2) Enable and start play$store
3) Reenter your play$tore download updates settings preferences if needed
4) Disable Airplane Mode

When finished using play$tore, DISABLE it.