Dec 12, 2012
I am going to dominican for a week this friday and want to prevent huge data use. When i first picked up the S3 a few months ago i went to france and wound up with a surprise $1500 data bill. Dont want that to happen again.

If I ....
Turn off ALL sync from pull down menu
Turn off photo upload
Turn off GPS

What else do you all suggest? I know that putting it in airplane mode would be best but dont want to have it go nuts on data when i take it off airplane mode to make periodic email checks,

Any suggestions?
If you have the facebook app, make sure you have any auto update turned off. You can turn that off through the settings menu in the app.
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The easiest way is to get ab el cheapo phone once you're in France and use it with their prepaid SIM or turn off data o nyour phone altogether while you are abroad and do not have a plan that takes that into account.
When I went to Mexico, I turned off my data (data only and not phone calls) and had it in airplane mode whenever I didn't wanna accept any text messages.
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Turn off "Mobile Data" from the notification panel quick setting buttons (I prefer to keep a widget on the homescreen).

Also set up the data usage monitor by going to: Settings -> Data usage. It will always show you your overall data consumption as well as a breakdown of how much data each app has used. Also, if you set this up whilst your mobile data is on, you'll be able to set warning and limit levels for data consumption.
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Sorry to hear about your $1500 surprise.

Make sure that your email app is set to only retrieve the email headers and no attachments automatically.

Make sure that none of your apps are set to automatically update in the Play Store.

These are the two main culprits that I can think of that would "have it go nuts on data" when you take your phone off airplane.

Also, don't use the facebook app, as I've heard that the latest version pre-loads images so that the app works quicker. I would use Opera Mini browser instead to access facebook, and in fact to do all your browsing with, in order to minimize your data usage, as it compresses websites and images and uses very little data! :)
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