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previous phone "out of service," trying to re-instate

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Previous phone, Samsung Galaxy Europa, which I used on Vodafone PAYG network.
    I then bought a Blackberry, and transferred my number to this phone, staying with Vodafone PAYG, and didn't use the Samsung for a while.
    Then I wanted to put the Samsung back into use (as there was nothing previously wrong with it, I just wasn't used to Smart phones and found Blackberry temporarily better), so I bought a new Vodafone PAYG Sim card, put it in the Samsung, started it up but it will not connect to Vodafone or any network, and under "Phone status" and Service state is says "Out of service." Also under Mobile network state is says "Disconnected." I have also tried putting the original Vodafone Sim card in, and then a Sim from another network, but the phone continues to be "Out of service" and does not display a number.
    I tried contacting Vodafone to see if they could offer any advice on how to put the phone back into use, to no avail.
    Can anyone help?
    Thanks, Lorraine


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