price drop date


hey guyz 2day iam asking about the price drop date let me explain it
almost 4 days ago i made a thread to know which phone i should be getting and lastly i am settled on either lg optimus black and nexus s
my question is there date that u would think the prices of both will drop
btw i wont be gtting the phone before dec 1
thx in advance


The Doctor
Prices will almost certainly drop 2-3weeks at the earliest after a new model is released for that particular price range in your country.

For example, a Galaxy S used to price around 26k last month here. SGS2 was released last 2nd week of July, and now AFAIK the Galaxy S pricing dropped to about 24k, and this will likely continue to drop further as possible, with regards to production costs (SAMOLED is supposed to be expensive to produce).