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Primux zonda 4

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by andy14, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. andy14

    andy14 Lurker
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    Hi, i have a primux zonda 4 and i kill it.. lol

    It doesn't boot and i am unable to go to recovery mode.

    In android tool i can see a loader device but i dont have any rom to flash.

    Does anyone have the original rom? (primux doesn't give it to me [​IMG])

    Or some cyanogen that works on this device... or any rom... lol

    Thanks in advance

    These are the caracteristics of the tablet:

    RK3168 ARM Cortex-A9 Dual-Core / GPU Mali 400
    Memoria Ram: 512 MB

    Interno: 4 GB
    Externo: MicroSD hasta 32 GB

    Tamaño: 7"
    Tipo: Capacitiva MultiTáctil
    Resolución: 800 x 480

    Sistema Operativo
    Android OS versión 4.2 JB

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