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Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by dibblebill, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. dibblebill

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    I don't THINK I'm violating any rules, but here goes.

    I'm going to run this periodically for a few weeks. I just had a lens go bad on me, unfortunately. Doubly unfortunate, it's the primary 18-55mm lens I use for just about everything. I have a backup from an older film SLR that I can use, but it'd be nice to be able to replace that 18-55 in some fashion. I'm going to be running print sales on any photos linked in this post. Prices are listed below, along with links. All profits will go toward replacing that lens. Just send me a private message if interested, or email me through the website, and specify whether you'd like it in lustre, glossy, or metallic!
    8x10 - $15
    16x20 - $50
    "Majesty" - Animals - WDibble Photography
    "Layover" - Animals - WDibble Photography
    "Wet Autumn" - Nature - WDibble Photography
    "On the Shore of the Surreal" - Nature - WDibble Photography
    "Grotto" - Scenery - WDibble Photography
    If there are other shots or sizes you'd like to request, do let me know! I can arrange pricing information and deliveries!

    EDIT: I'm unsure how to do a pic of this w/ my username and today's date... I've PM'd a moderator/staff with questions (don't wanna get in trouble :( )

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    No worries this go around.
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