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Privacy policy on boot, settings changed and notifications missing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Petecc, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Petecc

    Petecc Lurker
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    I have a Archos Diamond Alpha (a rebadged Nubia NX569J, aka Nubia Z17 mini)

    So this morning I turn it on and the Nubia Privacy Policy appears. It's never done before (well I guess it might have the first ever time I turned it on) and now it needs agreeing to on every reboot. It's also popped up a couple of times while using the phone.

    Some settings have changed (location, wifi, bluetooth all off, click on every touch turned on, display timeout reduced to a short interval). Possibly more that I haven't found.

    Even more annoyingly, app notifications make a sound but don't appear in the notification bar so I have no clue which app is notifying me! Gmail is also not updating - it only updates with new messages when I open it.

    Four apps were updated yesterday and I have uninstalled those. I don't beleive any OS updates have been applied.

    I've rebooted a couple of times, including after uninstalling apps

    I have not done a factory reset - all the app icons are still there and apps installed.

    In settings:
    • Under the Notification Centre, Shown Notification ICon is still enabled
    • Under individual apps Show Notifications is still enabled.
    I've got 4.5GB free memory out of 64GB so not too bad

    There are no system updates waiting and as far as I can tell the versions haven't changed.

    I'm reluctant to do a factory reset (due to the time to get it all setup again). Has anyone else seen the same issue occur or have any ideas?

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  2. Petecc

    Petecc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After buying a new phone (just in case it all went wrong), I did a factory reset and it all seems fine again.

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