Privacy protection password and Umi z

I took the sim out of my umi z and got asked for the privacy protection password
I had never set it so having trawled the net couldn't find an answer and assumed the phone was bricked after two shops looked pretty blank at me
then my partner was moaning that I had sent her chinese txts and after more searching i discovered that these texts were a security check and if you reply #mima# it gives you a code that unlocks the phone
happy days and I hope this helps other poor souls stuck with the same problem
now my question is as follows
the phone / google account clearly had an alternative phone number to send to however i am unaware of setting this and my question is does anyone know where the alternative number is stored.
I am assuming its in my google account but i cant seem to find where its set


The phone was sending out unsolicited texts in Chinese? It is a Chinese device, and presumably you bought it online and imported it?

It's probably not Google, phones in China will often do their own things for user verification and security etc, basically because Google is banned here.

ilan lieberman

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no i have sorted this out
the phone was sending a security alert txt to my designated backup number which I must have put in to the phone when i set it up, once i had translated them they were usefully telling me what #code to reply to to unlock the phone
now its sorted actually quite impressed