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Support PRL and signal issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by callmeox, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. callmeox

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    Apr 8, 2010
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    NE Ahia
    Are any other former Alltel subs with an Inc on an Alltel plan having connectivity issues when outside of your home area? I am currently running with PRL 40067.

    I was out of state last weekend and my Inc was giving me fits. No internet access when the 3G icon was up, but I could get some data with 1x. The phone would also drop the data connection and would not reconnect about half of the time and only a reboot would restore data.

    The frustrating part is that another Inc owner who was also out of his home area had great 3G coverage but he was a VZW sub with a hybrid PRL.

    Is my PRL out of date? I've tried updating it with a *228 with no change.



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