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PRO ANDROID TV BOX - Working repositories

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WorldlyGuy, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. WorldlyGuy

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    Hello everyone. New member, first post.

    I own an Android TV box (GooBAngDoo ABOX A1).
    Quite disapointed in Android tv because most of the shows or movies and losted, but fail to load for whatever reason. Typically, file not found, broken repositories etc.

    Now, I've read about broadcast quality and Android Pro boxes that feature 99% uptime on it's content.

    Have you hear the same and can you provide names and model numbers for these boxes?



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  2. I think you need a Xiaomi Mi Box as its the most valuable & best-selling Android streaming device, it supports all streaming apps like Netflix, Sling TV, VUDU, Pandora and so on, I have never seen downtime with any os these streaming app on Mi Box and Additionally, you get all these apps for 1-3 months free subscription worth $76. It is a basically 4K HDR player with Voice Remote Control now its also getting Android Nougat update and it doesn't cost you much

  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    "GooBAngDoo":thinking: Seriously, is that what it's called?

    I believe a lot of the illegal pirate repositories and services were shut-down quite recently.
    Probably why it's going not found, broken repos, etc. Piracy lawsuits, and Hollywood is very powerful, has lots of money, and is on the right side of the law of course, unlike Phoenix, Exodus, and co.

    You could try something like Roku, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, etc, which are legal.
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