Pro Capture camera App


Android Expert
Only $.99 in the market right now 75% off.

I think it's one of the best camera apps on the market in my opinion and for all it can do $.99 is a damn good price.
Just though i'd give a heads up to anyone looking for a great camera app.

Capture photos and panoramas like a pro with the ProCapture camera app.

Free version available with limited output resolution
ProCapture adds advanced features to the Android camera experience. Multiple advanced camera shooting modes supported: Timer, Burst, Reduced Noise, WideShot and Panorama.
Please note that this camera app is not for video capture.
- Panorama mode automatically links together up to 12 photos to produce a high resolution panoramic image providing the ability to zoom in on small details. Output panorama has the highest resolution and best quality among competitors (depends on device memory).
- WideShot mode automatically links together 3 photos to produce a high resolution wide image.
- Reduced Noise mode captures 2 photos and combines them in order to reduce camera noise in the photo by about 30%.
- Shoot better photos with 2 different on-screen camera composition aids: grid and Fibonacci spiral.
- Real-time on-screen histogram helps you get better exposed photos.
- Simple UI with easy access to all camera features.
- On-screen remaining photos indicator.
- Ability to configure volume buttons for zoom or photo capture.- Save to internal or external storage (please email us if external storage is not supported on your phone).


Thanks for the offer. Have only played a little bit with it but it has some very nice features & the night shot noise reduction seems to really work.


1- Allow for Manual Focus anywhere in the frame that I touch as my HTC DHD alows for this. This is an excellent feature that I would not want to lose & which would prevent me from using your app vs. my stock camera app.

2- Provide a preference for file naming template. I like how you do it with date etc., but I HATE the Img prefix, instead I'd like to use part of my name to instantly save the images as "mine", which then makes uploading them easier vs. renaming. As well, I'd love to have the