Mar 25, 2013
Ohio USA
My maxx is a little over a year old and it seems the charge jack is wearing. Can Verizon repair svc in store replace it? Is it a good idea to get a new battery while they have it opened up?

So I found out there is a broken prong. I am told there is no replacing just the USB jack as it is soldered in. It was suggested by a local repair shop to replace the motherboard with a used one for 80 dollars. Should I have any concerns about this? Security concerns? Any other thoughts?

Thanks for any thoughts.
Hope you got your issue solved by now, but for others: Not sure of security concerns...depends on how well you trust the repair shop. Most microUSB ports are designed to last for 1500 plug ins/unplugs. W/me, that's a year or less. Usually much less. I've yet to have a device last more than 6hrs on a charge & the maxx is by far the worst I've dealt w/in terms of battery lasting. I've come up w/some ways to get by but I'll not go into detail here.

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As for repairs to the charging port it is possible. Tedious, it must be precise, has little margin for error, & requires steady hands & few special tools. The ports can be purchased from numerous vendors-ebay usually has more than 1 vendor w/them available. You can do a web search & find them as well. You'll need a repairman, or low wattage soldering pencil; flux (liq or paste) 63/37 rosin core .035 solder; desoldering tool is benificial; good magnifying glass, a workplace/bench/table; some type of stand to hold it all steady; a small copper or brass brush; pc board cleaner or alcohol; canned air; & a clean dry place to work. Disassemble phone per instructions on various websites & YouTube sites. Remove solder from old port noticing it's position on the pc/motherboard. W/copper or brass brush VERY CAREFULLY brush & clean mounting are. Again, be extremely careful not to bend anything or scratch any coatings. W/pc board cleaner, clean the area well. W/small brush or toothpick add a minute amount of flux on each mounting contact. Coat tip of soldering pencil w/flux after making certain it has been brushed & cleaned. Plug in soldering pencil. Place new port in place. After soldering pencil has warmed, touch tip to end of solder gathering up a small amount on tip of pencil. Now carefully touch a contact point on the port & PC board. Solder drop should flow from pencil to contact point. If not add a drop w/the spool of solder. Make sure not to overheat at any time as permanent damage can easily happen to the pc board. I am not responsible for any damage/expenses incurred. After soldering a contact allow 5mins of cooling. Now repeat for the other contacts. W/pc board cleaner, clean area well. Inspect for proper mounting, clean connections, proper position, no shorts, & no loose connections. After positive all is connected properly, reassemble device & there you go. Be it known that there are very few w/steady enough hands to do this. Good luck. Again, do this at your own risk. It is highly likely you will short something out or break something. I'll help what I can but I can't do it for you.