Nov 2, 2010
I just bought my first Droid phone. The notice that came in the package said to charge the phone before turning it on. There's a little yellow/orangish light that came on but nothing saying where it's at in the charging process. Will the light change color once it's fully charged? Am I okay to turn it on now? Thanks!
You can charge it while it's on, if you want to. Just don't disconnect from charger until it's fully charged.

Also, if it works the same as the Captivate, if the phone is off, and you tap (either) the Volume up/down (or) the power button, a battery charging icon will show on the screen. It will show 100% on the battery when it is fully charged.

It may also beep at you when fully charged...assuming it works the same way as the Captivate.
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Let us know which phone you have to better help you. But, yes the light should change to green when charged, but on some phone it shows a green light at 90% so leaving it on the charger for an extra hour the first charge is always a good idea. BTW, you can turn the phone on and set it up while charging, it will just take longer to fully charge.

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