Nov 10, 2011
I cannot connect to the android market since yesterday evening, my internet is working fine. I can do google searches and such but as soon as I goto the android market my net icon disapears and Telus said I need to contact google about this cause it's not on there end. I've done the following,

went to accounts & sync and made sure background or w/e was on
cleared the market cache
Made more space on it
took out the battery for along time
restarted several times
Had telus refresh my service connection

And I still cannot connect...I don't know what happened and I don't want to format my phone quite yet if this can be mom said she was playing around with my settings and such earlier to turn down my notification ring tone

I got a LG optimus One with Telus in Alberta Canada, cananyone offfer some help?....O really need it bad....

Also if I format the phone can I go and re download all of the APP's and games I've paid for as well? Thanks...
Regarding downloading all apps, if you have Titanium BackUp installed you can just do a back up of your apps and restore it later.

Regarding your market problem, which version of the Market is it? Have you tried donloading an older version and install it to see if it's a Market version problem (sometimes that's a problem).
I have problems with the new market as well. You can go into "settings" then "applications", "manage applications", "market" then uninstall updates, it takes you back to factory standard market which I find works better.
Unfortunately I don't know how to stop it updating again, so I have to do this occasionally to keep market working.
Hope that solves your problem.