Feb 6, 2011
First thread for me on this forum xD
So lets talk straight, I am so ****ed up with this issue that i am facing since the day I bought my phone, cannot connect my Phone to PC, saying, "USB not Recognized".

  • Can't Mount as a Disk Drive
  • Can't connect with HTC Sync
I installed HTC Sync and latest drivers from the website still it says every ****ing time,"USB not Recognized". Do remember that I did every possible thing that I can do to resolve this problem, searched forums.
Done everything

  • Factory Restoring
  • unplugging the SD card and putting it again
  • Copying the drivers files manually to system 32
  • Using the MSconfig thing described in some thread
  • Disabling everything on my PC.
  • Trying to Connect my Phone to my laptop.
  • Changing the Ports of the PC(tried rear and front both)
  • And every other thing that You can imaginge, but still
I am running windows 7 32-bit on laptop and on PC. I bought phone from a vendor who gave me an SD card that didn't come with the Phone. Plus I have following accessories with me

  • Usual Charger
  • Handsfree
  • 1 Data cable(that can be used both for charging from Charger or from PC)
Now I read somewhere in the threads that there are different USB cables for Charging and for connecting to PC. But how may I come to know that the one which I got is for Universal Charger or for the USB connection.

Any kind of help will be appreciated
Try a wifi connection using MyPhoneExplorer
See if there is an issue with the phone by conencting to a different PC
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Try a wifi connection using MyPhoneExplorer
See if there is an issue with the phone by conencting to a different PC

OMG it worked for me.... Thankoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sooo much dude. I successfully connected my mobile with laptop through wifi. Installed it on laptop first and then installed the Client version on the phone. Thanks once again
But what about the USB connection now?

I have the USB connection problem also and from what i have read here and on other forums the only solution is to restart (not power off/on) the phone and then it will ask u for the connection type and so, BUT the problem is that the next day for some weird reason the same problem appears, it will not recognize it! ANYBODY HAVE A SOLUTION?
Is this true??


No, it's not. Most likely the culprit is a defective USB cable. If you have tried other PCs with the same cable and found that you cannot get a connection then I would say it can only be one of two problems - either the USB port on your Desire is defunct or the USB cable is. I have several micro-USB cables, including one from a camera and all work for both my Desire and my Nexus S. Try changing the cable first as it is the cheapest and quickest option to find out.