Root problem flashing my droid to 2.0.1

I upgraded my Droid a while back to 2.1 and I've decided I want to root it now because I got a WiFi iPad and I think it would be nice to use my Droid as a wifi hotspot. I followed some instructions on another site and I've installed the USB Drivers, RSD Lite, and I have the ROM file for 2.0.1. As soon as I get my Droid to the bootloader my PC will not recognize it anymore. What am I doing wrong? It works fine when it's booted regularly. Thanks in advance.


Android Expert
You never mentioned what OS you are using, but I am going to take a stab at it and guess you are on a 64bit system. Of the many of us that have tried to use RSD Lite on a 64bit PC, only one person that I know of has gotten it to work. After 3 hours of fighting with it, I just used my laptop (32bit W7) and it worked fine.