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Problem for apps saving?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mandelmanden, May 23, 2011.

  1. mandelmanden

    mandelmanden Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I installed a game app called "Drag Racing" which I enjoyed a lot, but suddenly the app after an update became broken for me :( It doesn't save the game anymore, and I can't progress. I can start the game and do stuff, but nothing after the first race is saved. I can see that for some reason it doesn't have a "read/write" permission. Anyone else try this app and get this problem? I really liked it and would like to play some more, but being stuck with progress not saved whenevery ou quit isn't fun :( I tried reinstalling, but didn't help.

    Using Cyanogen mod with 2.3.3 update, from this forum.

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  2. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    Why dont you remove your SD card and boot ya phone. Later place the card and boot??
  3. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    If it is installed in SD Card, try moving it to Phone memory
  4. mandelmanden

    mandelmanden Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Don't know what you mean. It isn't installed on the SD card.
    It's not, installed on phone.
  5. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    Then maybe there's problem with the app... Wait for the next update & see what happens...
  6. dano_mbg

    dano_mbg Newbie

    Have you tried unistalling and reinstalling the app?If you haven't ,download my backup root and back up only the app's data,not the apk. Unistall the app and reboot. Download it again and open it. If everything is ok open mybackup root and restore the data ,then reboot.If not then probably there's a problem with the update.Try contacting the developer(they usually answer back soon enough) and wait for the next update

    Another way i guess would be to clear the app's data and cache through settings>applications>manage applications

    Hope that helps a little...

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