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Problem: Google Voice Substitute in Canada

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by teach_chris, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. teach_chris

    teach_chris Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Everyone,

    Like most of us I am fed up with high rates and long distance charges from Providers like Rogers and Bell. I just bought a Nexus One and I love it. Even being an unlocked phone, I am still bound to have some sort of contract to maintain a voice and data plan with a Provider. (Or am I??)

    Here's my idea: My contract with Rogers runs out in October. I want to open a VOIP account (with whom I do not know..) .. and find a wireless provider that will give me JUST a data plan. This will allow me to make al m calls through VOIP and ditch the Provider's high rates.

    Here's my problem: I can't find a provider that will just give me what I want: A large Data plan and nothing else. AND: I can't find a VOIP provider, that will match what those lucky Yanks have in Google Voice.

    Help. ... Am I the only one??:rolleyes:



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  2. Cave Man

    Cave Man Lurker

    I have done some searching for Google voice alternatives and I have not found one that is available in Canada. I too would very much like to see Google Voice come to Canada (Hey Google are you listening?).

    Before you commit to using VoIP only I would test it with your device if you can. I have used VoIP (Truephone and Skype) over 3G and WiFi on the iPhone and call quality is fairly low.
  3. JackTheMan18

    JackTheMan18 Member

    I would suggest using a robust VOIP provider and a industrial strength SIP software.
    For a robust VOIP provider I suggest that you look at voip.ms - it's not free, but it's rates are low, it gives out sip credentials, and its quality is first rate. (Based in Montreal).
    For an industrial strength SIP software, I suggest 3CX. It works well with voip.ms, and it gives good quality over wifi and 3g.
    For a good provider of a data only plan, that depends on your hardware. Your Rogers hardware is not compatible with Wind hardware. WIND may be the only provider with a data only plan. (Not sure).

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