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problem on browser

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by magnum31, Apr 19, 2012.

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    hi! i have this problem. i am using a samsung galaxy y. i always use the browser for facebook cause i don't download the "facebook for android" app because the facebook in my browser and the app looks like the same. one time, i was so anxious about the slow progress in loading so i decided to clear the cache, history, cookies, form data and location access to see if there would be improvements. i also reset my browser's default settings. now, when i try to open the facebook site in my browser, it looks like the regular version, or i can say, a more inconvenient one (not like the "facebook for android" app, and so with the features and look). i want to revert the settings, so how can i do it? i want to "use" the "facebook for android" app "directly/automatically" in my browser. thank you and i hope you can help me.

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    Hello and welcome aboard. Thanks for stopping in to join us.

    Type in touch.facebook.com in your browser - hopefully this works for you. (FYI) I use both the facebook for Android app and the touch.facebook.com app, and they both work the same way; with some extra added features on the facebook for Android.

    Here's a link to your area of support - where other users of this phone can lend assistance to you. Samsung Galaxy Y - Android Forums.

    I hope this place serve you well. :thumb:
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    woah. thank you very much! :)

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