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Problem on installation

Discussion in 'Application Development' started by PabloEscobar, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. PabloEscobar

    PabloEscobar Well-Known Member
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    May 23, 2010
    I have been trying to begin development on Android so went to Android Developers website (Android SDK | Android Developers) which advised me to install Eclipse, download the SDK starter package, adding my SDK components and instaling ADT plugin for Eclipse.

    That seemed to go ok, but then when working through the 'Hello Android' application on the Android Developers website (Hello, World | Android Developers), I get stuck when actually trying to edit the HelloAndroid.java file, my computer (Windows 7, 32bit) popus up saying 'windows cannot open this file', which I thought strange since I downloaded Eclipse for Java Galileo version, and I thought you would be able to edit .java files through it.

    Nonetheless, I downloaded Java SDK 6, presuming this would fix it but it has not.

    I guess my question is, how can I edit the .java file to continue working through the 'Hello Android' tutorial?


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