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problem on internet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sandeepkumar63, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. sandeepkumar63

    Thread Starter

    Hi frds
    I am facing a problem on running intenet on my mobile.
    Before all it was ok, but few days back I tried to connect to a wifi network, and after that the problem start, I re installed the internet setting which I got from my network provider (IDEA). now after this I am able to see the symbol of Edge on my mobile, but while I am trying to run browser it saying error, unable to connect. I restarted my mobile.
    One think I want to tell that on the EDGE symbol I can see the sent arrow(green color) but not seeing any receiving data arrow.
    Please help me on this issue.
    Thanks in advance

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  2. sandeepkumar63

    Thread Starter

    Hi frds
    Got it solved, deleted again the APN account and then re installed the internet settings. nows its working, thanks to all
  3. jv_101

    jv_101 Lurker

    Hey !
    My browser is working fine..
    But i am unable to access android market from my phone...
    It says that it isn't able to establish a reliable data connection with the server.
    Did you encounter such a problem?
  4. jbanti

    jbanti Newbie

    Dude if yu updated new market then, new market update requird much strong bandwith/intrnet signal.... compaired 2 old market..
    new vending markt iz not good.....
    "Old izz Gold"
  5. jv_101

    jv_101 Lurker

    Actually , i was able to access market from my browser.
    But when i click on the market app and sign in into my google account,it displays a message that it can't establish a connection to the server.
  6. DOCTORWho291

    DOCTORWho291 Lurker

    hi my browser works

    but i got a problem in the bigpond app i want to delete a url in subscriptions and i cant find that option and i need a reply in at leaste 5 days its ergent i accedently pressed a thing in ma15+(best of tones and pics) and now i cant get rid of it!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!

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