Jul 7, 2014
I managed to pair an Andriod Device to Android Studio via WIFI using a QR code. But then I got a "Default Activity Now Found" error when I tried to run my program to the device, I went through the steps to fix that error. And that led me to not only cleaning and rebuilding the project but when I restarted Visual Studio, I thought I would remove and re-add the listing in Device Manager.

And this is where the problem is. Since I removed the device listing in Device Manger, I have not been able to get it back. I have been trying both the QR code as well as the pairing code. The Android cell lists the computer. But each method I have tried to get Android Studio to recognize the cell, it fails. It says it may take up to 2 minutes to complete but it will say that there is an error pairing the device. It does not matter if I I the computer name from the list of paired devices on the android or not.