Help Problem Playing Mp3's With Default Player


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May 5, 2010
I added a single mp3 to my phone yesterday just to see what it sounded like and it played fine from start to finish.

I've just changed the 4gb sd card that came in the phone to a brand new 8gb Sandisk micro sdhc and added the same single track that I added yesterday plus a continuous 70min mix.
When I sat down to listen to the mix it appeared to play fine but then it started skipping through it, eventually skipping onto the single track. It didn't even start playing the 2nd track before flicking between both and then stopping.
I give it another go and it did the same again, only this time it decided to ring the last person who'd rang me.
The 2nd track it has had no problems playing yesterday but today it can't.

Has anybody else had anything similar happen and if so how did you solve it ?
Could the brand new SD card be faulty and this is causing this to happen ?