Extreme Android User
May 30, 2011
Cambridgeshire, England
Right I downloaded the Go Launcher Ex update from the market. When installation finished the market force closed then I got Go Launcher force close message. So as you know a phone without a launcer is useless as you cant even open the lockscreen.

So my first thought was to reinstall my latest nand backup and this resulted in getting in a boot loop. I tried a few more (all Villain rom) and got the same bootloop. Tried everything to get these working, like full wipes before reinstalling etc. I even tried to reflash villain and still the same.

I was starting to think my phone was truly fu**ed but thought as a last resort try my revolution nand and it booted in a couple of minutes. So after that tried villain nand again and boot loop.

All this from updating an app that Ive been using for ages. So does anyone have any suggestions as I'm confused.
Well it took a combination of flashing different nand backups and roms over revolution and then finally villain flashed. Still no idea why it did it so still open to suggestions for that.

Strange thing is that Go launcher doesn't show up in my apps on the market even though I'm running it now. I was going to leave them a bad review but I'm not willing to download the latest version again just incase. So if anyone wants to on my behalf feel free. It might stop someone else temporally screwing their phone.