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Problem trying to root my Samsung Epic G (Sprint)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ferrel, May 25, 2011.

  1. ferrel

    ferrel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Installed Root Checker App
    Copied z4root.1.3.0 to my sd card

    Power down - battery out - battery in - power on

    USB connected
    USB debugging connected

    Open z4root.1.3.0 with Astro File Manager
    Open App Manager
    Install - result: application installed
    Permanent Root Screen - hit the button
    running exploit to obtain root access
    acquiring root shell

    Everything then stops, screen shows the listing of z4root.1.3.0, and
    nothing else happens.

    Ran Advanced root checker:
    Root access is not properly configured or was not granted.
    Standard su binary location:
    /system/bin/su: No such file or directory
    Standard su binary location:
    /system/xbin/su: No such file or directory
    Alternate su binary location:
    /sbin/su: No such file or directory
    su binary not found in the system declared PATH

    One thing, after all of this, my phone is ``very slow'',
    which can only be remedied by removing the battery.

    Can anyone help help me solve this problem?

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  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

    Moving this to the appropriate forum.
  3. ferrel

    ferrel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Which forum is that?
  4. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    z4root doesnt work use the one click with
    ferrel likes this.
  5. ferrel

    ferrel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That worked! Thanks very much.
  6. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

    Moved from the general GalaxyS to the Epic4G all things root forum. Though a Epic is a GalaxyS class device, it is not a GalaxyS. Confusing? yes! Blame Samsung for that one! It's not a problem, I wanted to see if we could get you a better answer.
  7. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast

    it isn't a galaxy s but it is?? :thinking:

    mind explaining further on that?
  8. traumaj

    traumaj Member

    I'll try to use my truck as an example. I have a dodge ram. A dodge ram 1500 quad cab to be specific. There are also 2 door ram 1500's. There's 2500's too. There are more models than this, but you get the picture... They are all dodge rams. Just like the galaxy s line. We have an epic, but its still part of the galaxy s family.

    This confused me at first also. 2 of my friends have galaxy s models through diff carriers. While they all come from the same line, they all have diff tweaks to the os/rom to fit that specific phone and carrier. This is why only certain roms/rooting methods work for us... they must be specific to our epics...

    Hope that made sense...
  9. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast

    hmm.. i mean i knew that the epic was apart of the galaxy s class, but i just didn't understand what he meant when he said it isn't a galaxy s lol..but thx for your reply.

    by any chance, do u kno if i can install the 2.2 update that my phone keeps prompting me to do and still have the ability to root after the update? or is it better to root from the 2.1 stock build?
  10. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    you can root from any stock release ;)
  11. androidtp

    androidtp Android Enthusiast

    okay i just rooted on the stock 2.1 that the phone came installed with. i have superuser so i can use the ota update for 2.2 and i'll still be able to flash roms for 2.2 or 2.3 without error?

    just clarifying
  12. ZiggSVO

    ZiggSVO Well-Known Member

    I think the Galaxy S forum is for the actual Galaxy S phone. Like the Fascinate, Epic and all have their own forums, the actual Galaxy S does also?
  13. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    I'm not 100%, but I believe you don't get OTA updates when rooted. I think you have to restore to stock, then update to 2.2, then root, then install whatever ROM you wish to use (esp if you're using an EC05 based ROM).

    Please let someone else confirm this though, as I'm not 100% sure.
  14. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Android Enthusiast

    z4root doesn't work, but Gingerbreak does! Woot, woot! :D

    Source: Myself, I just rooted my phone, like a few mins ago! xD

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