Help Problem Updating to 2.2 via Kies Mini


I recently saw that it was possible to upgrade to 2.2 so I downloaded kies mini and gave it a go. During the process kies gave me message saying that it failed to update and it also gave me instructions on how to go into emergency recovery. I pulled out my battery and then plugged it back in, and i got a message with a phone a triangle with an "!" and a pc, i looked it up and i got it off by holding volume up down and power then letting go of power, now i am back at the downloading... do no turn off target screen and idk what to do. I don't think that the vibrant is connected to kies because i have kies opened and all it says is please connect your mobile phone and it also gives me a button for emergency recovery. Please help me =( Thank you!!

btw, the vibrant was rooted


I had this happen to me as well tmobile did not know what it was so they sent a replacement cause i have insurance i tried again and the same thing happened!