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Problem Updating to 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Poopfoot1980, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Poopfoot1980

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    My Droid appears to have an issue, and I'm hoping someone here can help. It is completely stock. I've searched this and other forums, but can't find anyone with a similar issue. My phone is not bricked, but I would really like to update to 2.2.

    When Android 2.1 came out, I did a manual update and had no issues completing it.

    When 2.2 came out, I tried the manual update like normal. Held the X key while powering up, and the Motorola logo came up. Then the phone shut down, and the logo came up again. As long as I hold down the X, this continues to happen.

    Late last week, I got the notice on my phone that the update was ready to install. I tapped Install Now, and the phone shut down and restarted in a similar manner as described above.

    Crap. So, I can't get into Recovery Mode. At all.

    So, I decided to attempt a factory reset through the Settings Menu. Same thing happens. Moto logo comes up, the the phone shuts down. Then powers back up like nothing happened.

    I took it to the VZW store. Was essentially told to wait a bit, and that they would do a warranty exchange if the phone became unusable.

    I did the Motorola Support Chat, and was told that VZW should be getting a tool to help, but it seemed like the rep didn't really understand what I was describing.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

  2. mwhobg

    mwhobg Lurker

    Same exact thing happened to me. I was told to just wait.

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