Problem uploading text file with Dropbox


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I can upload text files from my laptop to Dropbox and open them in Docs to Go without any problems. However, when I try to upload the edited text file back to Dropbox from my Incredible, it says: "No application can perform this action." How can I fix this? I've been able to upload music files, so it seems odd that a text file will not work.


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Are you using the free or paid version of Docs to go? Would this be the reason if it's free, you don't have the edit option, thus it's not reading your text file? And it doesn't seem you have any other kind of note app on your phone. I have Docs to go (paid) and I can open my words document and edit. If you are using the free version, you might want to look for a note app that is compatible with MS Words (or whatever sw you're using on your computer) or buy the doc to go. If you have the paid version of Docs to go, I don't know then XD


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I have the paid version. When I download the file from Dropbox it opens right in Docs to Go so I can edit. Maybe I'm trying to upload the wrong way. I open the Dropbox app and select upload from the menu. When I select text file it gives me the error message. Is there a different way to upload an edited text file back to Dropbox?


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install OI File Manager. I had the issue with Dropbox and "accidentally" resolved it when I installed OI to support a different app.

It will allow you to upload almost any file type using the Upload Text File finction in Dropbox.
Dropbox is supposedly fixing this, too. Maybe 'fixing' is the wrong word - they're adding functionality, so you'll have the option of uploading any kind of file. IO is a workaround (but a surprisingly good one).