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Oct 25, 2010
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
I'm hoping someone can help me here, I haven't had any luck on howardforums, for the past few weeks. My girlfriend of 4 years left me, and as of January 1st I'm moving to a cheap appt in a house in the country and unfortunately regular internet is not available there. So my options are to either get an aircard, or tether with my LG Shine Plus which runs Android 2.1. Most of my internet usage will be at school on wifi but I will need to do basic surfing and msn, email, submitting assignments on our school website (can't do on the phone) etc. at home.

I already just renewed a 3 yr contract for the new phone, and I really dont want another 3 yr contract to get a free or discounted broadband device and I don't really want to pay for one when i know that I can just use my phone.

So first I need to figure out how to get tethering working on this phone. I have tried both Easytether and PDAnet, and believe I've downloaded the required drivers. They both say that my phone is not connected to the computer when it is and I am able to access all the files on the phone with the computer. I have USB debugging turned on as per the instructions. There is no option on the phone menu's to turn on tethering. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have USB storage turned on or off when it's connected to the computer, but either way will not work for me. I'm running out of patience, and almost to the point of giving up and trying to get by without internet at home. I will have to stay late at school to finish assignments on wifi if I do this.

So has anyone else tethered on this particular Phone or any idea what it may need to work? I'm not sure I am confident about rooting my phone and I really would prefer USB tethering. Thanks.
Nevermind I figured it out. Turned out there was a setting that was only allowing the phone to act as a mass storage device when connected by USB. Once I found that and unselected it, reinstalled PDAnet, had to install the LG specific driver from jubefabrics.com as well as some drivers from LG and now it's working perfect. It pretty well guided me right through it at that point. I'm a happy man now.
Ughhh, I had this same issue. Took 3 emails to LG to solve. When I connected my phone to the computer I didn't see anything in the notifications panel saying "Mount". All I could dig up on the internet was that this notification WILL be there.

Finally after farting around with it for a long ass time I checked it for the hell of it to see if it would do anything. It did. Perfect. Oh, then 3 days later LG sent me the finaly email saying to check the Mass Storage option in the menu. Thanks LG!

lol... can't complain though. The phone is amazingly awesome.

Sorry to hear about all your troubles man. I hope everything works out. Good luck on your exams!
Good to know that LG is did actually give the correct answer though. I never tried emailing them, but the mass storage option was the problem as I found after playing with it for a while. Tethering has been working perfect for me. I bought the full version of PDAnet and have had no issues. And I'm still happy with the phone after close to 2 months now.