Android Question

while watching live tv in micromax funbook pro p560 tablet using wifi, the video gets struck up for a minute and starts again. not able to watch without interruption.
That's called buffering, and it's because the wifi (or your TV connection) just isn't fast enough (for some reason) to stream the video at the speed you're watching it (which, of course, can't be changed).

That's why you'll see some cable companies advertise that you can watch TV on up to some large number of devices with their service. (TV is digital nowadays, so your house isn't getting a single analog stream that everyone is watching. Even if everyone is watching the same channel, each device is getting its own digital stream. Bring the tablet near a TV on the same channel and you'll most likely see that they're not playing at exactly the same time. The TV gets a frame, the tab gets a frame, the TV gets the next frame, etc.) The more devices, the more bandwidth your cable connection hs to have.

Or the speed problem could be your wifi - interference from a neightbor's wifi could do it. Or too many devices using it at once, using a lot of bandwidth each. (Typing something, looking at a web page - those are low-bandwidth, but downloading huge files, streaming video, playing some online games use a lot of bandwidth.)

Or it could be the tablet. Download some video files, watch them and see if it still happens.

The better you can determine what's causing the problem, the easier (if it's possible) it is to fix it.