Nov 29, 2009
Hello everyone! I've bought an HTC Tattoo recently and I can't get it to save photos or recorded video on a memory card instead of phone memory. I've checked the full list of settings and don't still understand how to do it. Haven't found anything useful in manual, too. :/ The memory card is shown in Device memory settings section, its size is visible. Seems like the card itself is okay. I've even tried two different cards, Kingston 2GB and 8Gb, and still haven't found a way to change the storage for saved files. Sorry, if it is a n00b question, but I'd really appreciate any help concerning this. thanks in advance!and sorry for my English, too :rolleyes:
Open the camera app then press the menu button on the phone, then select settings. What does it say under Storage? Mine says storage card, and it's greyed out so I can't even change it. All my shots are saved to my card.
With me the same. The pictures are automaticly saved on the memorycard. Did you check the DCIM folder on the card? Thats where the pictures will be saved, not in the picture folder!
seems like the problem was in one of memory cards after all, Kingston 8Gb. when I put it in and checked camera settings, it said phone memory and was also greyed out, so I couldn't change it.
But everything's fine with the second one. 0_o it automatically switches to saving on memory card.
Thanks for help! :)
Ah, splendid! Glad that's sorted. :)

I would've suggested formatting the card but since it was showing up in the device memory section I didn't think that was the problem. I reckon that card is just borked.
Hey all,
I have a similar problem. Bought a Kingston 8GB card and have had a lot of problems. So I tried formatting with the phone and it works for a while but then it says that I can't save to it even with 5GB's left. Or then I format using the computer and when I put it back in my phone it says the card is corrupted and asks me to format using the phone again. Once I do this can use and store my data for a while, but then I try to add music and it says the music is there but I can't find it on my phone. So basically I have these questions: Is there a certain type of card that works best with this phone and if so what is it? Second, how can I store music on my phone from my computer properly in order for it to be received by the phone?
Thanks all!
I have a Sandisk 16GB and that is working great! Really handy when you save maps for navigation on the memory stick (Sygic Mobile Maps)

Not sure whether you have a dud card or not. It could be the case if you've formatted it and it's still not working properly. As for how to put music on it, I have had no problems doing that with mine. I plug the phone in and simply drag my music files from my PC onto the card, putting them in the Music folder. Don't forget to unmount the card properly before unplugging the phone, by (assuming you're using Windows) right-clicking the card in 'My Computer' and clicking 'eject' or by using the 'safely remove hardware' icon in the systray.

Hope that helps!
I have a Sandisk 16GB and that is working great! Really handy when you save maps for navigation on the memory stick (Sygic Mobile Maps)

Quick (tangential) question: it looks from the Sygic website as if Mobile Maps isn't available for the Tattoo... or am I missing something?
I am not allowed to say where I got it from, the only thing I can say is that I found it somewhere else and it is working great! Everything fits on the screen!
hi guys i have a similar memory problem but not with photos with application.
i have installed many applications n games on my new htc tattoo phone. and now it says low on space and i realise allthe applications r geting stored on the phone memory and i think its full.
i dont see any option to select memory card when installing the applications through sinch or market. also how can i move all the aplications to the memory card. is my memory card not supported or i m missing out some basic setting.
how to set the default storage of the phone to the memory card so tht next time i install any application or nythin it goes directly to card.

plz hlp me out guys THnkzzzzzzz in Advance......