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Problem with Auto-Rotate getting stuck in Landscape

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by toydawg, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. toydawg

    toydawg Member
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else experienced problems with the auto-rotate locking up on them? It's happened to me multiple times where the screen gets stuck on Landscape view. A reboot is the only thing that fixes it. It's starting to get annoying.

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  2. roerch

    roerch Lurker

    Hi there,

    I can confirm this problem. It happens to me too sometimes and I can 100% reproduce this with the Google Sky Map app. After using this app, the display won't turn anymore, so I think it's maybe a software problem and not a hardware failure.

  3. guygguy

    guygguy Lurker

    For me it gets stuck on portrait mode.
    I use a nexus s with gingerbread, and as roerch mentioned, it gets stuck after using google sky map.
  4. toydawg

    toydawg Member
    Thread Starter

    Strange, I haven't experienced it using Google Sky (I've only opened it about 6 times after the latest update). It happens to me just from looking at photos in landscape mode. Thanks for your replies guys. Let's hope Google fixes it in the next update.
  5. Sphagnum

    Sphagnum Well-Known Member

    I get this problem now and again, I can fix it by going into settings and turning off auto-rotate. When I turn auto-rotate back on (usually hours or days later), then it works normally. I'm not sure if turning it off and then back on fixes it as well... but it saves me from having to reboot. I rarely use landscape mode anyway. :)
  6. JoelB84

    JoelB84 Newbie

    My wife and I both experienced the problem after using Google Skymap and I just replicated it again. I did not get it to replicate after using Gallery...
  7. kc311man

    kc311man Lurker

    Mine seems very random but it happens about once every other day and I usually end up rebooting to fix it. It makes me wary of launching any app that tries to adjust the orientation.

    It's a very annoying bug.
  8. Carpark

    Carpark Lurker

    Happens to me whenever I look at pics in landscape as well. Annoying!
  9. dhend25

    dhend25 Member

    This is happening to me now with the "Car Home Ultra" app. Whenever I open or start this app it locks my screen orientation into either portrait or landscape mode whichever is up at the time. I'm working with the developer, who by the way has been very responsive to my questions. but still haven't figured out the problem.

    Like others, the only fix is to power off my phone and power back on. Very annoying!

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