Problem with calender sync and missed calls


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So ive been having a few problems with my Hero
First off im running Villain rom 12 and its going great.
The problems i am having is that

1: My phone gives me two notifications for missed calls. One that comes from '333' which is the number from '3 mobile' here in australia, and a second notification which it says is from a random facebook friend. Someone i dont even have in my phonebook. It has their picture and name?
I am using handcent and am wanting to cut it down to only one message per missed call, preferably i want to stop the one coming from the facebook contact.

2. I am using launcherpro + and was checking out the new calendar widget. Problem is it shows the birthdays for every single facebook contact i have :( I want to stop these being shown on my calendar. They dont show with my Pure calendar widget. the pure calendar widget is set to display all events in the calendar called 'My Name'.
How can i remove the birthdays from appearing from the launcherpro + widget?

please let me know of any other info you may need :)