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[I'm really impressed with my new Galaxy S2, especially as I've come over from the Dark Side - HTC HD2 on Win 6.5]

This is complicated, so bear with me!

I used CoPilot on the HD2 without any problems and like it - it's an excellent satnav app and really good value. However, I've hit a problem and I'd be interested to know whether anyone else has found a workaround.

When I go to enter a destination, CoPilot starts recommending possible locations. Let's use Leicester as an example. I type in "lei" and the first box shows "lea", while the second box displays Lea in London. So I delete the "a" and try typing in "i" again, but the system automatically corrects it to "a" again.

If I just type the complete name, the third box (XT9's auto-suggest section) shows "leicester" as the first entry. Easy, you'd think - just click on that and it'll appear in the destination box. But it adds the "leicester" to whatever is already in the search string rather than replacing it, making CoPilot unusable.

I really don't want to argue with them for a refund - I liked it on the HD2 and want to work out how to make it work.

Does anyone have CoPilot on an S2 and can replicate this issue? And can anyone think of a workaround? I've tried turning most of the XT9 advanced features off, and nothing works apart from turning XT9 off completely, which is a pain for SMS and email.

This isn't an issue in SMS and email - it only happens with CoPilot. I'm guessing that it's not possible to disable XT9 for specific applications.

CoPilot tech support have logged this as a new issue and are investigating, so I'll report back if they come up with any suggestions.

Thanks in advance


I've tested this for you and you are correct. The only way is to turn Xtc off. Until ALK come up with a solution, maybe one way around it is to create a shortcut to your language/keyboard settings. Menu/add/shortcut/settings/language & keyboard. It's all I can think of for now. I must admit I haven't noticed this before as I keep XTC firmly disabled. :)
Hope this helps. Your phone and CP aren't faulty.

Greetings from sunny Cornwall. ( except that it's drizzling right now) hummm


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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the helpful tech support guys will put some pressure on the developers to come up with a fix...


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it might not be the devs, it may be a problem with the samsung predictive text, i found that turning off the predictive text fixed it though.