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Problem with Dead Space

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by X14U2NVX, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Hi, I have a Droid 3 running 2.3.4 (Up to date) stock ROM, and hasn't been rooted, ect.

    I paid seven dollars for the app Dead Space, because I was recommended to by a friend and I have both the games, anyhow:

    1. When I downloaded it originally from Google Play, it brings up no claims that my device cannot run it.
    2. It then downloads and installs correctly (or at least it doesn't bring up any errors).
    3. The first time I run it, I.E. press play after it finishes installing, I get the pop-up about the updates, I download and install them and they don't show errors.
    4. The first time I actually try to play it (after these updates), the game runs perfectly, I save my progress and close the app normally.
    5. Any time I try to load said save, the app crashes, taking me back to the app selection screen
    6. After the failed load as described in #5, restarting the app causes an immediate crash after the EA loading screen (don't even get to the load game menu)
    7. Restarting my phone without Removing/Reinstalling app takes me back to step 5
    8. Removing/Reinstalling this app takes me back to step 3.
    9. There have been numerous posts around the internet about how this app has been notorious for Droid 3 users, but mainly for those who rooted their phone and were running Chainfire, ect.

    Have any non-rooted Droid 3 users found a way around this problem?

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