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Problem with DEFY camera

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by nate_the_grape, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. nate_the_grape

    Thread Starter

    Hello, I have had the Moto DEFY less than a day now so bear with my ramblings here.
    When I have taken a picture there is a huge line down half of the picture. What's bizarre is the line isn't there on there viewfinder screen before I take the photo.
    Attached is one of the photos I snapped. They all come out like this, same line same place. I had initially thought maybe the camera lens was cracked or something but as I said already the line only appears after the picture is taken.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Attached Files:

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  2. mitchell58

    mitchell58 Lurker

    hi i think thts a fault with the actual digital lens.. similar to losing pixels on a pc screen.. take it back and get it swapped is best move... m
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  3. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    The reason you might not be able to see the line on the lcd screen before you take the picture is because the lcd is no where near the resolution of the camera, the screen is only 854 x 480 that only 0.4 megapixels compared to the camera`s 2592 x 1456, 5 megapixels.
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  4. nate_the_grape

    Thread Starter

    So taking it back is my best bet?
    Thanks guys.
  5. andreiuc88

    andreiuc88 Newbie

    Yes, I thinks there might be a physical fault with the camera sensor (ccd or cmos, I don't know what it uses). I have seen this on a Sony Ericsson phone a couple of years ago, and I was not able to find a solution. I think the only way to fix this is changing the actual camera module, so you will have to send it to service.
    Good luck ;)
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  6. biradar26

    biradar26 Lurker

    I am also facing the same issue. Could you please let me know how to resolve this issue?
  7. nate_the_grape

    Thread Starter

    Like the other guys said, take the phone back for an exchange. The guys at the shop I returned it to said it was a line of dead pixels just. Although they bombarded me with "did you drop it?" "are you sure you didnt drop it?" "you must have dropped it" before giving me the exchange.
  8. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Newbie

    Actually quite many people reported this problem already. It is a hardware problem.
  9. quixoticduck

    quixoticduck Newbie

    Sad times =[ at least you got the exchange in the end.

    I wish there was a decent app that let you make the volume button the camera shutter button... That is my only problem with the defy camera. I suck at self-group photo taking...
  10. ABC_Universal

    ABC_Universal Newbie

    It can be done if your phone is rooted.
  11. quixoticduck

    quixoticduck Newbie

    Mine isn't =[
    I actually found an app which can do it unrooted though (Vignette demo), it just isn't the best camera in general. Or there are camera apps with timers or where you can touch anywhere on screen to take it. The problem is that they don't alter the default camera but are their own camera app ones and not very good. I can't believe the default android app doesn't have a timer though, unless I've missed it.
  12. sameer_aboy

    sameer_aboy Lurker

    even i to have the same problem with defy....i went to the service centre and he said it cannot be replaced but he can change the camera....last time when i had given my moto rocker to these fellows for some problem in keypad...the condition of the phone was not like as it was before,it was covered with dust on screen and parts were loosen.i sold it the next week ....i love this phone....please help me out what to do??itz been just a week i purchased this phone.....:( :(..im in INDIA
  13. knockin69

    knockin69 Lurker

    Update it to Froyo 2.2 than the problem will solved.
    i think there is a software error.

  14. janetzkie

    janetzkie Lurker

    im also facing with the same problem that you have, (and i thought i dropped the phone or something)..im gonna take it to the service center once the typhoon here in the p.i takes a step back.

    i love my defy, and i still wont exchange it with just any other phone. i hope motorola would do something about this..
  15. janetzkie

    janetzkie Lurker

    btw, if you zoom in the cam and then shoot, the line disappears. but once you zoom out then the line can already be seen.

    what happened? did the motorola guys replace your phone?

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