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Root Problem with friend's Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by BenDroid, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. BenDroid

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    Jan 8, 2010
    Okay, so I have a friend that has no clue about root or anything like that. Here recently he finally entered the world of android and got a Droid 1. A few weeks later, thanks to this site, he got caught up in reading about overclocking, Roms, etc. and asked me about it. I told him how it worked and encouraged him to read read read and understand the ins and outs of rooting before attempting it. Well, thanks to some of the apps and utilities out there he just rooted his phone with Easyroot. I am not saying I am against apps like this. I just believe that in order to completely understand how something works you should have to at least do it the hard way once, that way if something goes wrong you are not freaking out. But, that is how he did it and he was happy. So now he has gotten used to Rom Manager and is flashing Roms pretty regularly. Today he flashed the new BB 0.5 and tried a Slayher Kernel. He called me just a moment ago and is freaking out because he is now in a bootloop and doesn't know what to do.

    I told him to pull the battery and let it sit just a moment. Then told him to press x + power to get to his recovery. Then go to Nandroid to restore to his most recent backup. (He actually understands how that works). The problem is, the phone will get to his recovery screen, but then by the time he controls down to nandroid (before he has a chance to do anything else) it reboots. I have never ran into a problem like this.

    I am pretty sure I can fix it. I am probably going to just run over there with my Laptop and just run RSD Lite. I was just wondering if anyone had a better idea. And if RSD Lite is the only way you guys can see to fix this, does anyone know where I can get a SBF file that I can just flash a clean 2.2 install on his device instead of going back to 2.1. (That is all I have).



    (Sorry to make this so long)


  2. have him keep doing it, eventually it will stay in recovery and hell be good, my phone has always had this issue and trouble mounting dev/block when installing roms etc...

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