Problem with Galaxy Ace!please help!


Hi everyone!
I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i with Android 2.3.6!I have a lot of problems with the games like NFS SHIFT,Aspalt 5,Gangstar ..... because the games had white graphics.I have read a lot of threads on forums and a lot of persons said that this games won`t work on 2.3.6 just on 2.3.4!I know that GT-S5839i is a rare model and i want to find a method to downgrade the android from 2.3.6 to 2.3.3 or 2.3.4!I tried to search on google but i couldn`t find!PLEASE HELP ME!:(:(:(


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Are you sure you tried google, because i just found a 100 links with methods to downgrade.

You need a software called Odin, a binary file(.ops format) and a 2.3.4 firmware for your region.
Check the for all of these files, there is also a flashguide there, read it carefully.
Now i don't know if all these files are available for your phone model or your region, but thats the way to downgrade android on samsung. Google a bit for tut on how to use Odin if you have trouble understanding the flashguide.
Good luck :)

P.S. If you phone is brand new, its better to take it to the service center, maybe they can solve this without downgrading, its a problem with alot of people here.


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Either look for it on the net, or get it from someone who has it.

You should really ask the service centre people to fix this for you, after all this is a major graphical problem with the phone.