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Problem with "GPS Test" app since it updated itself?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Dark77, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Dark77

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    Hi, SG4, Android 4.3

    I have been using GPS Test app for 2-3 years now on two phones, and in all that time it was 100% consistent and accurate responding to phone's GPS status. When there was a GPS fix, it immediately reflected so in the app, in fact it was so accurate that I used it as a sole test for the phone's GPS status.

    Few days ago, the app updated itself to version 1.3.2, and ever since then, it very rarely shows a GPS fix, or even that it sees ANY satellites on sky map? At the same time I test it against "Google Maps", "GPS Status" and "miCoach", all of which are working and finding a GPS fix in several seconds, however, GPS Test fails to confirm a fix, and the app itself looks like not even trying to obtain a fix.

    I tried to do several changes to GPS, like clear/update aGPS, switch off "Use wireless networks" and rely solely on GPS satellites, but "GPS Test" app reacts to nothing. Sometimes it will get a fix but after a long time, and lose it quickly. "GPS Status" always shows me 14/20 satellites in lock, "miCoach" obtains a fix in a matter of 5-30 seconds, but at the same time "GPS Test" not only does not get a fix, but shows no satellites at all.

    Just to repeat, only since the last app update. Anyone else experiencing the same or having the same problem?


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